What are Google News Approved Sites?

Google News Approved Sites are the hottest commodity on the website market. They rank fast and high, get a boosted trust score from Google, have no sandbox restrictions and best of all – they can take a blackhat campaign like a champ.

If you’ve ever done a Google search, you’ve probably noticed Google News. Google shows search results from different indexes and one of them happens to be news. Where do the news come from? You guessed it – Google News Approved Sites. This gives you a chance to get ranked on the first page of SERPs or even as number one because Google prefers these sites to other results.

These powerful sites command premium prices and have been out of reach for the public as they are just too expensive. However, that is all about to change. We are happy to bring you Google News Approved Sites with the best prices on the marketplace, so you can start using the power that these sites bring today!

Why Google News Approved Sites?

Long story short, Google will automatically rank all your articles higher and your articles have an increased chance of being linked by other people as they show up as a trusted source. That means that Google is doing half of your SEO work for you!

Why do they do this? Because these are websites that Google has manually approved as a trusted source for news and they are not giving this approval to everyone. Most websites fail to get approved by Google News and therefore the ones that do, also get all these advantages.

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What’s the potential?

  • Have a real advantage

These sites are true gems and even legit news agencies have trouble getting approved. Receive a major advantage over your competition as they spend months to get approved and might still fail.

  • Generate massive traffic

Google News Approved Sites generate thousands of highly targeted hits every day. The sky is the limit as the more content you create, the more hits you receive.

  • Rank difficult keywords

You can now accomplish SERP rankings that just wouldn’t normally be possible. Step outside the Google index where all the competition is and rank high in a separate category.

  • Build a passive source of traffic

You can use these sites to build a truly passive source of traffic as weaker competition and easy to rank articles help you grow your audience.

How it works

The Purchase Process


Contact Us With Your Requirement


Choose From A List Of Google News Sites


Let Us Super Optimize The Website For Your Need


Kick Back And See The Results

How to monetize Google News Sites?

  • AdSense & Other Ad Networks

Make your high traffic volume valuable by adding AdSense or any other ad network to your site. This is highly trusted legit traffic from Google itself and works with any network.

  • Sell sponsored articles

There aren’t many Google News Approved Sites out there but there’s a lot of people who want their content on them. Rent or sell space on your site and generate even more traffic while doing so.

  • Sell Amazon Products

Target buyer intent keywords and generate huge traffic for your Amazon Affiliate offers. Using news to promote products is a lucrative traffic source that few can access.

  • Blackhat Campaigns

Build entire blackhat campaigns around your Google News Approved Site to fully utilize its potential. These sites are highly trusted and can be used to promote anything from CPA to MMO if used right. Higher trust means that you can push your campaigns further and the potential angles are unlimited.

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Why Buy from us?

Best price on the marketplace

As you might have seen, these sites usually sell for outrageous prices. We are changing that by making Google News Approved Sites affordable. Get your site for the best price on the marketplace and join the big players.

Wide range of categories

We offer news sites in a wide range of categories but note that our stock is extremely limited as Google News Approved Sites can’t be mass produced.

We do the hard work for you

Google meticulously checks every site that requests approval for this program and even real news agencies find it very hard to get approved. To make it even harder, it takes 2 months to reapply every time your site gets disapproved. We have already gone through all of this and will just hand over the keys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Upon purchase, you will receive the Google News Approved Domain transferred to your registrar account along with its website contents.

Our prices starts from $1500. The rates are always low compared to what others ask for. 

You should do your due diligence before making your decision. Once you make the payment, no refund will be issued.

Nothing in Internet marketing is guaranteed.

We have both starter and established sites based on availability.

In an unlikely event, if the website you purchase falls out of news index within 21 days, we will provide a free replacement as long as you didn’t violate Google News Content policy. You must also post content at least once a week.

Simply head over to this URL and drop a message. Our representatives will be in touch with you soon.

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